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Filter Property
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The filter to apply on the results of DescribeVpnConnections.
Declaration Syntax
public List<Filter> Filter { get; set; }
Filters can be: a. state - The state of the VPN connection. (pending, available, deleting, deleted). b. type - The type of VPN connection. Currently the only supported type is ipsec.1. c. customer-gateway-id - The ID of a customer gateway associated with the VPN connection. d. vpn-gateway-id - The ID of a VPN gateway associated with the VPN connection. e. vpn-connection-id - the ID of the VPN connection. f. customer-gateway-configuration - the configuration information for the customer gateway. g. options.static-routes-only - indicates whether the connection has static routes only (used for devices that do not support BGP). h. route.destination-cidr-block - the destination CIDR block; this corresponds to the subnet used in a customer data center. i. bgp-asn - the BGP ASN associated with a BGP device. j. tag-key - the key of a tag assigned to the resource (this filter is independent of the tag-value filter). k. tag-value - the value of a tag assigned to the resource (this filter is independent of the tag-key filter). l. tag:key - Filters the results based on a specific tag/value combination. Example: To list just the resources assigned tag Purpose=X, then specify: Filter.1.Name=tag:Purpose and Filter.1.Value.1=X. Example: To list just resources assigned tag Purpose=X OR Purpose=Y, then specify: Filter.1.Name=tag:Purpose and Filter.1.Value.1=X and Filter.1.Value.2=Y.

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