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VpcId Property
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Gets and sets the property VpcId.

The ID of the VPC that the cloned stack is to be launched into. It must be in the specified region. All instances will be launched into this VPC, and you cannot change the ID later.

If the VPC ID corresponds to a default VPC and you have specified either the

or the
parameter only, AWS OpsWorks infers the value of the other parameter. If you specify neither parameter, AWS OpsWorks sets these parameters to the first valid Availability Zone for the specified region and the corresponding default VPC subnet ID, respectively.

If you specify a nondefault VPC ID, note the following:

For more information on how to use AWS OpsWorks with a VPC, see Running a Stack in a VPC. For more information on default VPC and EC2 Classic, see Supported Platforms.

Declaration Syntax
public string VpcId { get; set; }

Assembly: AWSSDK (Module: AWSSDK) Version: (