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Iops Property
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The new Provisioned IOPS (I/O operations per second) value for the RDS instance. Changing this parameter does not result in an outage and the change is applied during the next maintenance window unless the ApplyImmediately parameter is set to true for this request. Default: Uses existing setting Constraints: Value supplied must be at least 10% greater than the current value. Values that are not at least 10% greater than the existing value are rounded up so that they are 10% greater than the current value. Type: Integer If you choose to migrate your DB instance from using standard storage to using Provisioned IOPS, or from using Provisioned IOPS to using standard storage, the process can take time. The duration of the migration depends on several factors such as database load, storage size, storage type (standard or Provisioned IOPS), amount of IOPS provisioned (if any), and the number of prior scale storage operations. Typical migration times are under 24 hours, but the process can take up to several days in some cases. During the migration, the DB instance will be available for use, but may experience performance degradation. While the migration takes place, nightly backups for the instance will be suspended. No other Amazon RDS operations can take place for the instance, including modifying the instance, rebooting the instance, deleting the instance, creating a read replica for the instance, and creating a DB snapshot of the instance.
Declaration Syntax
public int Iops { get; set; }

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