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Policy Property
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Gets and sets the property Policy.

An IAM policy in JSON format that is passed with the

call and evaluated along with the policy or policies that are attached to the IAM user whose credentials are used to call
. The passed policy is used to scope down the permissions that are available to the IAM user, by allowing only a subset of the permissions that are granted to the IAM user. The passed policy cannot grant more permissions than those granted to the IAM user. The final permissions for the federated user are the most restrictive set based on the intersection of the passed policy and the IAM user policy.

If you do not pass a policy, the resulting temporary security credentials have no effective permissions. The only exception is when the temporary security credentials are used to access a resource that has a resource-based policy that specifically allows the federated user to access the resource.

For more information about how permissions work, see Permissions for GetFederationToken in Using Temporary Security Credentials.

Declaration Syntax
public string Policy { get; set; }

Assembly: AWSSDK (Module: AWSSDK) Version: (