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ActionIdentifier Class
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An access control policy action identifies a specific action in a service that can be performed on a resource. For example, sending a message to a queue.

ActionIdentifiers allow you to limit what your access control policy statement affects. For example, you could create a policy statement that enables a certain group of users to send messages to your queue, but not allow them to perform any other actions on your queue.

The action is B in the statement "A has permission to do B to C where D applies."

Free form access control policy actions may include a wildcard (*) to match multiple actions.

Constants for known actions can be found in the Amazon.Auth.AccessControlPolicy.ActionIdentifiers namespace.

Declaration Syntax
public class ActionIdentifier
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Constructs an Actionidentifer with the given action name.

Gets and sets the name of this action. For example, 'sqs:SendMessage' is the name corresponding to the SQS action that enables users to send a message to an SQS queue.

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