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ListStacksRequest Class
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Container for the parameters to the ListStacks operation.

Returns the summary information for stacks whose status matches the specified StackStatusFilter. Summary information for stacks that have been deleted is kept for 90 days after the stack is deleted. If no StackStatusFilter is specified, summary information for all stacks is returned (including existing stacks and stacks that have been deleted).

Declaration Syntax
public class ListStacksRequest : AmazonWebServiceRequest
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Initializes a new instance of the ListStacksRequest class

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String that identifies the start of the next list of stacks, if there is one. Default: There is no default value.


1 - 1024

Stack status to use as a filter. Specify one or more stack status codes to list only stacks with the specified status codes. For a complete list of stack status codes, see the StackStatus parameter of the Stack data type.

Returns a string that represents the current object.
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WithNextToken(String) Obsolete.
Sets the NextToken property

WithStackStatusFilter(array<String>[]()[][]) Obsolete.
Adds elements to the StackStatusFilter collection

WithStackStatusFilter(IEnumerable<(Of <<'(String>)>>)) Obsolete.
Adds elements to the StackStatusFilter collection

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