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StreamingLoggingConfig Class
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A complex type that controls whether access logs are written for this streaming distribution.
Declaration Syntax
public class StreamingLoggingConfig
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Initializes a new instance of the StreamingLoggingConfig class

Gets and sets the property Bucket. The Amazon S3 bucket to store the access logs in, for example,

Gets and sets the property Enabled. Specifies whether you want CloudFront to save access logs to an Amazon S3 bucket. If you do not want to enable logging when you create a streaming distribution or if you want to disable logging for an existing streaming distribution, specify false for Enabled, and specify empty Bucket and Prefix elements. If you specify false for Enabled but you specify values for Bucket and Prefix, the values are automatically deleted.

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Gets and sets the property Prefix. An optional string that you want CloudFront to prefix to the access log filenames for this streaming distribution, for example, myprefix/. If you want to enable logging, but you do not want to specify a prefix, you still must include an empty Prefix element in the Logging element.

Returns a string that represents the current object.
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WithBucket(String) Obsolete.
Sets the Bucket property

WithEnabled(Boolean) Obsolete.
Sets the Enabled property

WithPrefix(String) Obsolete.
Sets the Prefix property

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