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ReportTaskProgressRequest Class
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Container for the parameters to the ReportTaskProgress operation.

Updates the AWS Data Pipeline service on the progress of the calling task runner. When the task runner is assigned a task, it should call ReportTaskProgress to acknowledge that it has the task within 2 minutes. If the web service does not recieve this acknowledgement within the 2 minute window, it will assign the task in a subsequent PollForTask call. After this initial acknowledgement, the task runner only needs to report progress every 15 minutes to maintain its ownership of the task. You can change this reporting time from 15 minutes by specifying a reportProgressTimeout field in your pipeline. If a task runner does not report its status after 5 minutes, AWS Data Pipeline will assume that the task runner is unable to process the task and will reassign the task in a subsequent response to PollForTask. task runners should call ReportTaskProgress every 60 seconds.

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public class ReportTaskProgressRequest : AmazonWebServiceRequest
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Initializes a new instance of the ReportTaskProgressRequest class

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Identifier of the task assigned to the task runner. This value is provided in the TaskObject that the service returns with the response for the PollForTask action.


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WithTaskId(String) Obsolete.
Sets the TaskId property

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