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CreateInterconnectRequest Class
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Container for the parameters to the CreateInterconnect operation.

Creates a new interconnect between a Direct Connect partner's network and a specific AWS Direct Connect location.

An interconnect is a connection which is capable of hosting other connections. The AWS Direct Connect partner can use an interconnect to provide sub-1Gbps Direct Connect service to tier 2 customers who do not have their own connections. Like a standard connection, an interconnect links the Direct Connect partner's network to an AWS Direct Connect location over a standard 1 Gbps or 10 Gbps Ethernet fiber-optic cable. One end is connected to the partner's router, the other to an AWS Direct Connect router.

For each end customer, the Direct Connect partner provisions a connection on their interconnect by calling AllocateConnectionOnInterconnect. The end customer can then connect to AWS resources by creating a virtual interface on their connection, using the VLAN assigned to them by the Direct Connect partner.

Declaration Syntax
public class CreateInterconnectRequest : AmazonWebServiceRequest
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Initializes a new instance of the CreateInterconnectRequest class

The port bandwidth Example: 1Gbps Default: None Available values: 1Gbps,10Gbps

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The name of the interconnect. Example: "1G Interconnect to AWS" Default: None

Where the interconnect is located Example: EqSV5 Default: None

Returns a string that represents the current object.
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WithBandwidth(String) Obsolete.
Sets the Bandwidth property

WithInterconnectName(String) Obsolete.
Sets the InterconnectName property

WithLocation(String) Obsolete.
Sets the Location property

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