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BatchGetItemResult Class
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Represents the output of a BatchGetItem operation.

Declaration Syntax
public class BatchGetItemResult
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Initializes a new instance of the BatchGetItemResult class

The write capacity units consumed by the operation. Each element consists of:
  • TableName - The table that consumed the provisioned throughput.
  • CapacityUnits - The total number of capacity units consumed.

Determines whether the specified Object is equal to the current Object.
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Serves as a hash function for a particular type.
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Gets the type of the current instance.
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A map of table name to a list of items. Each object in Responses consists of a table name, along with a map of attribute data consisting of the data type and attribute value.

Returns a string that represents the current object.
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A map of tables and their respective keys that were not processed with the current response. The UnprocessedKeys value is in the same form as RequestItems, so the value can be provided directly to a subsequent BatchGetItem operation. For more information, see RequestItems in the Request Parameters section. Each element consists of:
  • Keys - An array of primary key attribute values that define specific items in the table.
  • AttributesToGet - One or more attributes to be retrieved from the table or index. By default, all attributes are returned. If a specified attribute is not found, it does not appear in the result.
  • ConsistentRead - The consistency of a read operation. If set to true, then a strongly consistent read is used; otherwise, an eventually consistent read is used.
If there are no unprocessed keys remaining, the response contains an empty UnprocessedKeys map.


1 - 100

WithConsumedCapacity(array<ConsumedCapacity>[]()[][]) Obsolete.
Adds elements to the ConsumedCapacity collection

WithConsumedCapacity(IEnumerable<(Of <<'(ConsumedCapacity>)>>)) Obsolete.
Adds elements to the ConsumedCapacity collection

WithResponses(array<KeyValuePair<(Of <<'(String, List<(Of <<'(Dictionary<(Of <<'(String, AttributeValue>)>>)>)>>)>)>>)>[]()[][]) Obsolete.
Adds the KeyValuePairs to the Responses dictionary.

WithUnprocessedKeys(array<KeyValuePair<(Of <<'(String, KeysAndAttributes>)>>)>[]()[][]) Obsolete.
Adds the KeyValuePairs to the UnprocessedKeys dictionary.

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