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DescribeSubnetsRequest Class
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Gives you information about your subnets.
Declaration Syntax
public class DescribeSubnetsRequest : EC2Request
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Initializes a new instance of the DescribeSubnetsRequest class

Determines whether the specified Object is equal to the current Object.
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One or more filters.
  • availabilityZone - The Availability Zone for the subnet. You can also use availability-zone as the filter name.
  • available-ip-address-count - The number of IP addresses in the subnet that are available.
  • cidrBlock - The CIDR block of the subnet. The CIDR block you specify must exactly match the subnet's CIDR block for information to be returned for the subnet. You can also use cidr or cidr-block as the filter names.
  • defaultForAz - Indicates whether this is the default subnet for the Availability Zone. You can also use default-for-az as the filter name.
  • state - The state of the subnet (pending | available).
  • subnet-id - The ID of the subnet.
  • tag:key=value - The key/value combination of a tag assigned to the resource.
  • tag-key - The key of a tag assigned to the resource. This filter is independent of the tag-value filter. For example, if you use both the filter "tag-key=Purpose" and the filter "tag-value=X", you get any resources assigned both the tag key Purpose (regardless of what the tag's value is), and the tag value X (regardless of what the tag's key is). If you want to list only resources where Purpose is X, see the tag:key=value filter.
  • tag-value - The value of a tag assigned to the resource. This filter is independent of the tag-key filter.
  • vpc-id - The ID of the VPC for the subnet.

Serves as a hash function for a particular type.
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Gets the type of the current instance.
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Checks if Filter property is set

Checks if SubnetId property is set

One or more subnet IDs.

Returns a string that represents the current object.
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WithFilter(array<Filter>[]()[][]) Obsolete.
Sets the filter to apply on the results of DescribeSubnets.

WithSubnetId(array<String>[]()[][]) Obsolete.
Sets subnet IDs.

You can filter the results to return information only about subnets that match criteria you specify. For example, you could ask to get information about a particular subnet (or all) only if the subnet's state is available. You can specify multiple filters (e.g., the subnet is in a particular VPC, and the subnet's state is available). The result includes information for a particular subnet only if the subnet matches all your filters. If there's no match, no special message is returned; the response is simply empty
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