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AmazonElastiCacheConfig Class
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Configuration for accessing Amazon ElastiCache service
Declaration Syntax
public class AmazonElastiCacheConfig : ClientConfig
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Default constructor

Gets and sets the AuthenticationRegion property. Used in AWS4 request signing, this is an optional property; change it only if the region cannot be determined from the service endpoint.
(Inherited from ClientConfig.)
Gets and sets the AuthenticationServiceName property. Used in AWS4 request signing, this is the short-form name of the service being called.
(Inherited from ClientConfig.)
Gets and Sets the BufferSize property. The BufferSize controls the buffer used to read in from input streams and write out to the request.
(Inherited from ClientConfig.)
Gets and sets the connection limit set on the ServicePoint for the WebRequest. Default value is 50 connections unless ServicePointManager.DefaultConnectionLimit is set in which case ServicePointManager.DefaultConnectionLimit will be used as the default.
(Inherited from ClientConfig.)
Determines whether the specified Object is equal to the current Object.
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Serves as a hash function for a particular type.
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Gets the type of the current instance.
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Flag on whether to log metrics for service calls. This can be set in the application's configs, as below:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
        <add key="AWSLogMetrics" value"true"/>
(Inherited from ClientConfig.)
Gets and sets the LogResponse. If this property is set to true, the service response is read in its entirety and logged.
(Inherited from ClientConfig.)
Gets and sets of the MaxErrorRetry property.
(Inherited from ClientConfig.)
Network protocol to use with the request. This value is ignored if the ServiceURL is specified or if RegionEndpoint is set and the service/endpoint does not support the specified protocol. Default is HTTPS.
(Inherited from ClientConfig.)
Credentials to use with a proxy.
(Inherited from ClientConfig.)
Gets and sets of the ProxyHost property.
(Inherited from ClientConfig.)
ProxyPassword Obsolete.
Gets and sets the ProxyPassword property. Used in conjunction with the ProxyUsername property to authenticate requests with the specified Proxy server.
(Inherited from ClientConfig.)
Gets and sets of the ProxyPort property.
(Inherited from ClientConfig.)
ProxyUsername Obsolete.
Gets and sets the ProxyUsername property. Used in conjunction with the ProxyPassword property to authenticate requests with the specified Proxy server.
(Inherited from ClientConfig.)
Gets and sets the ReadEntireResponse. If this property is set to true, the service response is read in its entirety before being processed.
(Inherited from ClientConfig.)
Gets and sets the RegionEndpoint property. This value is the region constant that determines the service endpoint to use. If this value is not set, then the client will use the value of ServiceURL.
(Inherited from ClientConfig.)
Gets and sets the ServiceURL property. This value specifies the endpoint to access with the client. ServiceURL is ignored if RegionEndpoint is set. This is an optional property; change it only if you want to try a different service endpoint or want to switch between https and http.
(Inherited from ClientConfig.)
Gets the ServiceVersion property.
(Overrides ClientConfig.ServiceVersion.)
Gets and sets of the signatureMethod property.
(Inherited from ClientConfig.)
Gets and sets of the SignatureVersion property.
(Inherited from ClientConfig.)
Returns a string that represents the current object.
(Inherited from Object.)
Gets or sets a Boolean value that determines whether the Nagle algorithm is used on connections managed by the ServicePoint object used for requests to AWS. This is defaulted to false for lower latency with responses that return small amount of data. This is the opposite default then ServicePoint.UseNagleAlgorithm which is optimized for large responses like web pages or images.
(Inherited from ClientConfig.)
Gets and sets of the UserAgent property.
(Inherited from ClientConfig.)
Gets and Sets the UseSecureStringForAwsSecretKey property. By default, the AWS Secret Access Key is stored in a SecureString (true) - this is one of the secure ways to store a secret provided by the .NET Framework. But, the use of SecureStrings is not supported in Medium Trust Windows Hosting environments. If you are building an ASP.NET application that needs to run with Medium Trust, set this property to false, and the client will not save your AWS Secret Key in a secure string. Changing the default to false can result in the Secret Key being vulnerable; please use this property judiciously.
(Inherited from ClientConfig.)
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