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ListVaultsRequest Class
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Container for the parameters to the ListVaults operation.

This operation lists all vaults owned by the calling user's account. The list returned in the response is ASCII-sorted by vault name.

By default, this operation returns up to 1,000 items. If there are more vaults to list, the response marker field contains the vault Amazon Resource Name (ARN) at which to continue the list with a new List Vaults request; otherwise, the marker field is null . To return a list of vaults that begins at a specific vault, set the marker request parameter to the vault ARN you obtained from a previous List Vaults request. You can also limit the number of vaults returned in the response by specifying the limit parameter in the request.

An AWS account has full permission to perform all operations (actions). However, AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) users don't have any permissions by default. You must grant them explicit permission to perform specific actions. For more information, see Access Control Using AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) .

For conceptual information and underlying REST API, go to Retrieving Vault Metadata in Amazon Glacier and List Vaults in the Amazon Glacier Developer Guide .

Declaration Syntax
public class ListVaultsRequest : AmazonWebServiceRequest
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Initializes a new instance of the ListVaultsRequest class

The AccountId is the AWS Account ID. You can specify either the AWS Account ID or optionally a '-', in which case Amazon Glacier uses the AWS Account ID associated with the credentials used to sign the request. If you specify your Account ID, do not include hyphens in it.

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The maximum number of items returned in the response. If you don't specify a value, the List Vaults operation returns up to 1,000 items.

A string used for pagination. The marker specifies the vault ARN after which the listing of vaults should begin.

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WithAccountId(String) Obsolete.
Sets the AccountId property

WithLimit(Int32) Obsolete.
Sets the Limit property

WithMarker(String) Obsolete.
Sets the Marker property

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