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ResetDBParameterGroupRequest Class
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Container for the parameters to the ResetDBParameterGroup operation.

Modifies the parameters of a DB parameter group to the engine/system default value. To reset specific parameters submit a list of the following: ParameterName and ApplyMethod . To reset the entire DB parameter group, specify the DBParameterGroup name and ResetAllParameters parameters. When resetting the entire group, dynamic parameters are updated immediately and static parameters are set to pending-reboot to take effect on the next DB instance restart or RebootDBInstance request.

Declaration Syntax
public class ResetDBParameterGroupRequest : AmazonWebServiceRequest
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Initializes a new instance of the ResetDBParameterGroupRequest class

The name of the DB parameter group. Constraints:
  • Must be 1 to 255 alphanumeric characters
  • First character must be a letter
  • Cannot end with a hyphen or contain two consecutive hyphens

Determines whether the specified Object is equal to the current Object.
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Serves as a hash function for a particular type.
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Gets the type of the current instance.
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An array of parameter names, values, and the apply method for the parameter update. At least one parameter name, value, and apply method must be supplied; subsequent arguments are optional. A maximum of 20 parameters may be modified in a single request. MySQL Valid Values (for Apply method): immediate | pending-reboot You can use the immediate value with dynamic parameters only. You can use the pending-reboot value for both dynamic and static parameters, and changes are applied when DB instance reboots. Oracle Valid Values (for Apply method): pending-reboot

Specifies whether (true) or not (false) to reset all parameters in the DB parameter group to default values. Default: true

Returns a string that represents the current object.
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WithDBParameterGroupName(String) Obsolete.
Sets the DBParameterGroupName property

WithParameters(array<Parameter>[]()[][]) Obsolete.
Adds elements to the Parameters collection

WithParameters(IEnumerable<(Of <<'(Parameter>)>>)) Obsolete.
Adds elements to the Parameters collection

WithResetAllParameters(Boolean) Obsolete.
Sets the ResetAllParameters property

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