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IResponseUnmarshaller<(Of <(<'T, R>)>)> Interface
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Interface for unmarshallers which unmarshall service responses. The Unmarshallers are stateless, and only encode the rules for what data in the XML stream goes into what members of an object.
Declaration Syntax
public interface IResponseUnmarshaller<T, R> : IUnmarshaller<T, R>
Generic Template Parameters
The type of object the unmarshaller returns
The type of the XML unmashaller context, which contains the state of parsing the XML stream. Uaually an instance of Amazon.Runtime.Internal.Transform.UnmarshallerContext.
All MembersMethods

Given the current position in the XML stream, extract a T.
(Inherited from IUnmarshaller<(Of <(<'T, R>)>)>.)
UnmarshallException(R, Exception, HttpStatusCode)
Extracts an exeption with data from an ErrorResponse.

Assembly: AWSSDK (Module: AWSSDK) Version: (