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Decision Class
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Specifies a decision made by the decider. A decision can be one of these types:

Access Control

If you grant permission to use RespondDecisionTaskCompleted , you can use IAM policies to express permissions for the list of decisions returned by this action as if they were members of the API. Treating decisions as a pseudo API maintains a uniform conceptual model and helps keep policies readable. For details and example IAM policies, see Using IAM to Manage Access to Amazon SWF Workflows.

Decision Failure

Decisions can fail for several reasons

One of the following events might be added to the history to indicate an error. The event attribute's cause parameter indicates the cause. If cause is set to OPERATION_NOT_PERMITTED, the decision failed because it lacked sufficient permissions.

The preceding error events might occur due to an error in the decider logic, which might put the workflow execution in an unstable state The cause field in the event structure for the error event indicates the cause of the error.

NOTE: A workflow execution may be closed by the decider by returning one of the following decisions when completing a decision task: CompleteWorkflowExecution, FailWorkflowExecution, CancelWorkflowExecution and ContinueAsNewWorkflowExecution. An UnhandledDecision fault will be returned if a workflow closing decision is specified and a signal or activity event had been added to the history while the decision task was being performed by the decider. Unlike the above situations which are logic issues, this fault is always possible because of race conditions in a distributed system. The right action here is to call RespondDecisionTaskCompleted without any decisions. This would result in another decision task with these new events included in the history. The decider should handle the new events and may decide to close the workflow execution.

How to Code a Decision

You code a decision by first setting the decision type field to one of the above decision values, and then set the corresponding attributes field shown below:

Declaration Syntax
public class Decision
All MembersConstructorsMethodsProperties

Initializes a new instance of the Decision class

Provides details of the CancelTimer decision. It is not set for other decision types.

Provides details of the CancelWorkflowExecution decision. It is not set for other decision types.

Provides details of the CompleteWorkflowExecution decision. It is not set for other decision types.

Provides details of the ContinueAsNewWorkflowExecution decision. It is not set for other decision types.

Specifies the type of the decision.


Allowed Values
ScheduleActivityTask, RequestCancelActivityTask, CompleteWorkflowExecution, FailWorkflowExecution, CancelWorkflowExecution, ContinueAsNewWorkflowExecution, RecordMarker, StartTimer, CancelTimer, SignalExternalWorkflowExecution, RequestCancelExternalWorkflowExecution, StartChildWorkflowExecution

Determines whether the specified Object is equal to the current Object.
(Inherited from Object.)
Provides details of the FailWorkflowExecution decision. It is not set for other decision types.

Serves as a hash function for a particular type.
(Inherited from Object.)
Gets the type of the current instance.
(Inherited from Object.)
Provides details of the RecordMarker decision. It is not set for other decision types.

Provides details of the RequestCancelActivityTask decision. It is not set for other decision types.

Provides details of the RequestCancelExternalWorkflowExecution decision. It is not set for other decision types.

Provides details of the ScheduleActivityTask decision. It is not set for other decision types.

Provides details of the SignalExternalWorkflowExecution decision. It is not set for other decision types.

Provides details of the StartChildWorkflowExecution decision. It is not set for other decision types.

Provides details of the StartTimer decision. It is not set for other decision types.

Returns a string that represents the current object.
(Inherited from Object.)
WithCancelTimerDecisionAttributes(CancelTimerDecisionAttributes) Obsolete.
Sets the CancelTimerDecisionAttributes property

WithCancelWorkflowExecutionDecisionAttributes(CancelWorkflowExecutionDecisionAttributes) Obsolete.
Sets the CancelWorkflowExecutionDecisionAttributes property

WithCompleteWorkflowExecutionDecisionAttributes(CompleteWorkflowExecutionDecisionAttributes) Obsolete.
Sets the CompleteWorkflowExecutionDecisionAttributes property

WithContinueAsNewWorkflowExecutionDecisionAttributes(ContinueAsNewWorkflowExecutionDecisionAttributes) Obsolete.
Sets the ContinueAsNewWorkflowExecutionDecisionAttributes property

WithDecisionType(String) Obsolete.
Sets the DecisionType property

WithFailWorkflowExecutionDecisionAttributes(FailWorkflowExecutionDecisionAttributes) Obsolete.
Sets the FailWorkflowExecutionDecisionAttributes property

WithRecordMarkerDecisionAttributes(RecordMarkerDecisionAttributes) Obsolete.
Sets the RecordMarkerDecisionAttributes property

WithRequestCancelActivityTaskDecisionAttributes(RequestCancelActivityTaskDecisionAttributes) Obsolete.
Sets the RequestCancelActivityTaskDecisionAttributes property

WithRequestCancelExternalWorkflowExecutionDecisionAttributes(RequestCancelExternalWorkflowExecutionDecisionAttributes) Obsolete.
Sets the RequestCancelExternalWorkflowExecutionDecisionAttributes property

WithScheduleActivityTaskDecisionAttributes(ScheduleActivityTaskDecisionAttributes) Obsolete.
Sets the ScheduleActivityTaskDecisionAttributes property

WithSignalExternalWorkflowExecutionDecisionAttributes(SignalExternalWorkflowExecutionDecisionAttributes) Obsolete.
Sets the SignalExternalWorkflowExecutionDecisionAttributes property

WithStartChildWorkflowExecutionDecisionAttributes(StartChildWorkflowExecutionDecisionAttributes) Obsolete.
Sets the StartChildWorkflowExecutionDecisionAttributes property

WithStartTimerDecisionAttributes(StartTimerDecisionAttributes) Obsolete.
Sets the StartTimerDecisionAttributes property

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