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Class: Aws::ApplicationAutoScaling::Types::PredefinedMetricSpecification

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When passing PredefinedMetricSpecification as input to an Aws::Client method, you can use a vanilla Hash:

  predefined_metric_type: "DynamoDBReadCapacityUtilization", # required, accepts DynamoDBReadCapacityUtilization, DynamoDBWriteCapacityUtilization, ALBRequestCountPerTarget, RDSReaderAverageCPUUtilization, RDSReaderAverageDatabaseConnections, EC2SpotFleetRequestAverageCPUUtilization, EC2SpotFleetRequestAverageNetworkIn, EC2SpotFleetRequestAverageNetworkOut, SageMakerVariantInvocationsPerInstance, ECSServiceAverageCPUUtilization, ECSServiceAverageMemoryUtilization
  resource_label: "ResourceLabel",

Represents a predefined metric for a target tracking scaling policy to use with Application Auto Scaling.

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The metric type. The ALBRequestCountPerTarget metric type applies only to Spot Fleet requests and ECS services.

Possible values:

  • DynamoDBReadCapacityUtilization
  • DynamoDBWriteCapacityUtilization
  • ALBRequestCountPerTarget
  • RDSReaderAverageCPUUtilization
  • RDSReaderAverageDatabaseConnections
  • EC2SpotFleetRequestAverageCPUUtilization
  • EC2SpotFleetRequestAverageNetworkIn
  • EC2SpotFleetRequestAverageNetworkOut
  • SageMakerVariantInvocationsPerInstance
  • ECSServiceAverageCPUUtilization
  • ECSServiceAverageMemoryUtilization


  • (String)

    The metric type.


Identifies the resource associated with the metric type. You can\'t specify a resource label unless the metric type is ALBRequestCountPerTarget and there is a target group attached to the Spot Fleet request or ECS service.

The format is app/<load-balancer-name>/<load-balancer-id>/targetgroup/<target-group-name>/<target-group-id>, where:

  • app/<load-balancer-name>/<load-balancer-id> is the final portion of the load balancer ARN

  • targetgroup/<target-group-name>/<target-group-id> is the final portion of the target group ARN.


  • (String)

    Identifies the resource associated with the metric type.