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Class: Aws::ApplicationDiscoveryService::Types::Filter

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When passing Filter as input to an Aws::Client method, you can use a vanilla Hash:

  name: "String", # required
  values: ["FilterValue"], # required
  condition: "Condition", # required

A filter that can use conditional operators.

For more information about filters, see Querying Discovered Configuration Items.

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A conditional operator. The following operators are valid: EQUALS, NOT_EQUALS, CONTAINS, NOT_CONTAINS. If you specify multiple filters, the system utilizes all filters as though concatenated by AND. If you specify multiple values for a particular filter, the system differentiates the values using OR. Calling either DescribeConfigurations or ListConfigurations returns attributes of matching configuration items.


  • (String)

    A conditional operator.


The name of the filter.


  • (String)

    The name of the filter.


A string value on which to filter. For example, if you choose the destinationServer.osVersion filter name, you could specify Ubuntu for the value.


  • (Array<String>)

    A string value on which to filter.