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Class: Aws::DirectConnect::Types::CreatePublicVirtualInterfaceRequest

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When passing CreatePublicVirtualInterfaceRequest as input to an Aws::Client method, you can use a vanilla Hash:

  connection_id: "ConnectionId", # required
  new_public_virtual_interface: { # required
    virtual_interface_name: "VirtualInterfaceName", # required
    vlan: 1, # required
    asn: 1, # required
    auth_key: "BGPAuthKey",
    amazon_address: "AmazonAddress",
    customer_address: "CustomerAddress",
    address_family: "ipv4", # accepts ipv4, ipv6
    route_filter_prefixes: [
        cidr: "CIDR",

Container for the parameters to the CreatePublicVirtualInterface operation.

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Instance Attribute Details


The ID of the connection. This field is also used as the ID type for operations that use multiple connection types (LAG, interconnect, and/or connection).

Example: dxcon-fg5678gh

Default: None


  • (String)

    The ID of the connection.


Detailed information for the public virtual interface to be created.

Default: None