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Class: Aws::Pinpoint::Types::WriteApplicationSettingsRequest

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When passing WriteApplicationSettingsRequest as input to an Aws::Client method, you can use a vanilla Hash:

  campaign_hook: {
    lambda_function_name: "__string",
    mode: "DELIVERY", # accepts DELIVERY, FILTER
    web_url: "__string",
  limits: {
    daily: 1,
    maximum_duration: 1,
    messages_per_second: 1,
    total: 1,
  quiet_time: {
    end: "__string",
    start: "__string",

Creating application setting request

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Default campaign hook information.



The default campaign limits for the app. These limits apply to each campaign for the app, unless the campaign overrides the default with limits of its own.



The default quiet time for the app. Each campaign for this app sends no messages during this time unless the campaign overrides the default with a quiet time of its own.