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Class: Aws::SNS::Types::GetSubscriptionAttributesResponse

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Response for GetSubscriptionAttributes action.

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A map of the subscription\'s attributes. Attributes in this map include the following:

  • ConfirmationWasAuthenticatedtrue if the subscription confirmation request was authenticated.

  • DeliveryPolicy – The JSON serialization of the subscription\'s delivery policy.

  • EffectiveDeliveryPolicy – The JSON serialization of the effective delivery policy that takes into account the topic delivery policy and account system defaults.

  • FilterPolicy – The filter policy JSON that is assigned to the subscription.

  • Owner – The AWS account ID of the subscription\'s owner.

  • PendingConfirmationtrue if the subscription hasn\'t been confirmed. To confirm a pending subscription, call the ConfirmSubscription action with a confirmation token.

  • RawMessageDeliverytrue if raw message delivery is enabled for the subscription. Raw messages are free of JSON formatting and can be sent to HTTP/S and Amazon SQS endpoints.

  • SubscriptionArn – The subscription\'s ARN.

  • TopicArn – The topic ARN that the subscription is associated with.


  • (Hash<String,String>)

    A map of the subscription\'s attributes.