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Class: Aws::WorkSpaces::Types::CreateWorkspacesRequest

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When passing CreateWorkspacesRequest as input to an Aws::Client method, you can use a vanilla Hash:

  workspaces: [ # required
      directory_id: "DirectoryId", # required
      user_name: "UserName", # required
      bundle_id: "BundleId", # required
      volume_encryption_key: "VolumeEncryptionKey",
      user_volume_encryption_enabled: false,
      root_volume_encryption_enabled: false,
      workspace_properties: {
        running_mode: "AUTO_STOP", # accepts AUTO_STOP, ALWAYS_ON
        running_mode_auto_stop_timeout_in_minutes: 1,
        root_volume_size_gib: 1,
        user_volume_size_gib: 1,
        compute_type_name: "VALUE", # accepts VALUE, STANDARD, PERFORMANCE, POWER, GRAPHICS
      tags: [
          key: "TagKey", # required
          value: "TagValue",

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The WorkSpaces to create. You can specify up to 25 WorkSpaces.