cli_follow_urlparam - AWS SDKs and Tools


This setting applies only to AWS CLI commands.

Specifies how the AWS CLI interprets input parameters that begin with http: or https://.


Default value:

  • AWS CLI version 1: true.

  • AWS CLI version 2: false. In the AWS CLI version 2 you can't change this setting.

Valid values:

  • true – If specified, any string parameters that begin with http:// or https:// are retrieved from the internet, and any downloaded content is used as the parameter value for the command.

  • false – If specified, the CLI doesn't treat parameter string values that begin with http:// or https:// differently from other strings.

Ways to set this value

Location Supported Example
config file Yes
cli_follow_urlparam = false
credentials file -
Environment variable -
AWS CLI parameter -

Compatibility with AWS SDKS and tools