payload_signing_enabled - AWS SDKs and Tools


Specifies whether to SHA256 sign sigv4 payloads for Amazon S3 operations.


Default value: false

Valid values:

  • true – Amazon S3 requests receive additional content validation in the form of an SHA256 checksum, which is calculated for you and included in the request signature. If set to false, the checksum isn't calculated. Disabling this can be useful to reduce the performance overhead created by the checksum calculation.

  • false – This is the default value. Specifies that the SDK or tool should not calculate the checksum for streaming uploads (UploadPart and PutObject) when using HTTPS and a ContentMD5 is present.

Ways to set this value

Location Supported Example
config file Yes
s3 = payload_signing_enabled = true
credentials file -
Environment variable -
AWS CLI parameter -

Compatibility with AWS SDKS and tools