AwsWafWebAclRule - AWS Security Hub


Details for a rule in an AWS WAF web ACL.



Specifies the action that CloudFront or AWS WAF takes when a web request matches the conditions in the rule.

Type: WafAction object

Required: No


Rules to exclude from a rule group.

Type: Array of WafExcludedRule objects

Required: No


Use the OverrideAction to test your RuleGroup.

Any rule in a RuleGroup can potentially block a request. If you set the OverrideAction to None, the RuleGroup blocks a request if any individual rule in the RuleGroup matches the request and is configured to block that request.

However, if you first want to test the RuleGroup, set the OverrideAction to Count. The RuleGroup then overrides any block action specified by individual rules contained within the group. Instead of blocking matching requests, those requests are counted.

ActivatedRule|OverrideAction applies only when updating or adding a RuleGroup to a web ACL. In this case you do not use ActivatedRule Action. For all other update requests, ActivatedRule Action is used instead of ActivatedRule OverrideAction.

Type: WafOverrideAction object

Required: No


Specifies the order in which the rules in a web ACL are evaluated. Rules with a lower value for Priority are evaluated before rules with a higher value. The value must be a unique integer. If you add multiple rules to a web ACL, the values do not need to be consecutive.

Type: Integer

Required: No


The identifier for a rule.

Type: String

Pattern: .*\S.*

Required: No


The rule type.


The default is REGULAR.

Type: String

Pattern: .*\S.*

Required: No

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