Why integrate with AWS Security Hub? - AWS Security Hub

Why integrate with AWS Security Hub?

AWS Security Hub provides a comprehensive view of high-priority security alerts and security status across Security Hub accounts. Security Hub allows partners like you to send security findings to Security Hub to provide your customers with insight into the security findings that you generate.

An integration with Security Hub can add value in the following ways.

  • Satisfies your customers who have requested a Security Hub integration

  • Provides your customers with a single view of their AWS security-related findings

  • Allows new customers to discover your solution when they look for partners who provide findings related to specific types of security events

Before you build an integration with Security Hub, examine your reasons for the integration. An integration is more likely to be successful if your customers want a Security Hub integration with your product. You can build an integration purely for marketing reasons or to acquire new customers. However, if you build the integration without any current customer input and do not consider your customers' needs, the integration might not yield the expected results.