Viewing finding details (console) - AWS Security Hub

Viewing finding details (console)

From a finding list, you can display a details pane for a finding.

To view the findings detail pane

  1. Open the AWS Security Hub console at

  2. To display a finding list, do one of the following:

    • In the Security Hub navigation pane, choose Findings.

    • In the Security Hub navigation pane, choose Insights. Choose an insight. Then on the results list, choose an insight result.

    • In the Security Hub navigation pane, choose Integrations. Choose See findings for an integration.

  3. Choose the finding title.

At the top of the finding details pane contains overview information about the finding, including the account, severity, dates, and status. If the account is an organization member account, then the information includes the account name. For accounts that are invited manually, the information only includes the account ID.

Types and Related Findings contains information about the finding type.

Resources contains information about the affected resource.

Remediation displays for control findings. It provides a link to the instructions for remediating the issue that triggered the finding.

Finding Provider Fields displays the values from the finding provider for confidence, criticality, related findings, severity, and finding type.

From the finding details pane, you can view more details and add field values to the filter.

  • To display the complete JSON for the finding, choose the finding ID. From Finding JSON, you can download the finding JSON to a file.

  • To add a field value to the finding list filter, choose the search icon next to the field.

  • For findings that are based on AWS Config rules, to display a list of the applicable rules, choose Rules.