Insights in AWS Security Hub - AWS Security Hub

Insights in AWS Security Hub

An AWS Security Hub insight is a collection of related findings. It identifies a security area that requires attention and intervention. For example, an insight might point out EC2 instances that are the subject of findings that detect poor security practices. An insight brings together findings from across finding providers.

Each insight is defined by a group by statement and optional filters. The group by statement indicates how to group the matching findings, and identifies the type of item that the insight applies to. For example, if an insight is grouped by resource identifier, then the insight produces a list of resource identifiers. The optional filters identify the matching findings for the insight. For example, you might want to only see findings from specific providers or findings that are associated with specific types of resources.

Security Hub offers several built-in managed insights. You cannot modify or delete managed insights.

To track security issues that are unique to your AWS environment and usage, you can create custom insights.

An insight only returns results if you have enabled integrations or standards that produce matching findings. For example, the managed insight 29. Top resources by counts of failed CIS checks only returns results if you enable the CIS AWS Foundations standard.