Available AWS service integrations - AWS Security Hub

Available AWS service integrations

Security Hub supports integrations with several AWS services.


Some integrations are not available in Africa (Cape Town), Asia Pacific (Hong Kong), Europe (Milan), AWS GovCloud (US-East), or AWS GovCloud (US-West). If an integration is not supported, it is not listed on the Integrations page.

The China (Beijing) and China (Ningxia) Regions only support the integrations with IAM Access Analyzer and Systems Manager Patch Manager.

For these services, the integration allows the service to send findings to Security Hub:

Security Hub also supports an integration with Amazon Detective. That integration allows you to pivot from Security Hub to Detective to investigate a GuardDuty finding.

Here are the details about each AWS service integration.

AWS Firewall Manager

Firewall Manager sends findings to Security Hub when a WAF policy for resources or a web ACL rule is not in compliance. Firewall Manager also sends findings when AWS Shield Advanced is not protecting resources, or when an attack is identified.

If you are already using Firewall Manager, Security Hub automatically enables this integration. You do not need to take any additional action to begin to receive findings from Firewall Manager.

To learn more about the integration, view the Integrations page in the Security Hub console.

To learn more about Firewall Manager, see the AWS WAF Developer Guide.

IAM Access Analyzer

With IAM Access Analyzer, all findings are sent to Security Hub.

IAM Access Analyzer uses logic-based reasoning to analyze resource-based policies that are applied to supported resources in your account. IAM Access Analyzer generates a finding when it detects a policy statement that allows an external principal access to a resource in your account.

To learn more, see What is IAM Access Analyzer? in the IAM User Guide.

Amazon Detective

Detective automatically collects log data from your AWS resources and uses machine learning, statistical analysis, and graph theory to help you visualize and conduct faster and more efficient security investigations.

The Security Hub integration with Detective allows you to pivot from Amazon GuardDuty findings in Security Hub into Detective. You can then use the Detective tools and visualizations to investigate them. The integration does not require any additional configuration in Security Hub or Detective.

For the GuardDuty finding types that Detective supports, the finding details include an Investigate in Detective subsection. That subsection contains the link to Detective. See Pivoting to a finding profile from Amazon GuardDuty or AWS Security Hub in the Amazon Detective User Guide.

For the list of finding types that Detective supports, see Supported finding types.

If a link does not work, then for troubleshooting advice, see Troubleshooting the pivot.

Amazon GuardDuty

GuardDuty sends findings to Security Hub for all of the supported finding types.

New findings from GuardDuty are sent to Security Hub within 5 minutes. Updates to findings are sent based on the Updated findings setting for Amazon EventBridge in GuardDuty settings.

When you generate GuardDuty sample findings using the GuardDuty Settings page, Security Hub receives the sample findings and omits the prefix '[Sample]' in the finding type. For example, the sample finding type in GuardDuty "[SAMPLE] Recon:IAMUser/ResourcePermissions" is displayed as "Recon:IAMUser/ResourcePermissions” in Security Hub.

For more information about GuardDuty findings, see Amazon GuardDuty findings in the Amazon GuardDuty User Guide.

Amazon Inspector

Amazon Inspector sends Amazon Inspector findings to Security Hub that are generated through assessment runs for all supported rules packages.

For more information about Amazon Inspector rules packages and rules, see Amazon Inspector rules packages and rules in the Amazon Inspector User Guide.

Amazon Macie

A finding from Macie can indicate that there is a policy violation, or that sensitive data, such as personal identifying information (PII) and intellectual property, is present in the data that your organization stores in Amazon S3. Macie only sends policy violation findings to Security Hub.

For more information, see Amazon Macie findings in the Amazon Macie User Guide.

Security Hub can also receive findings from Macie Classic. Macie Classic sends basic and custom findings to Macie from the S3 bucket properties and S3 objects indices. Macie Classic does not send data classifications, or findings from the CloudTrail data index.

For more information, see Locating and analyzing Macie Classic alerts in the Amazon Macie Classic User Guide.

AWS Systems Manager Patch Manager

AWS Systems Manager Patch Manager sends findings to Security Hub when instances in a customer's fleet go out of compliance with their patch compliance standard.

Patch Manager automates the process of patching managed instances with both security related and other types of updates.

For more information about using Patch Manager, see AWS Systems Manager Patch Manager in the AWS Systems Manager User Guide.