Verified Author Badge - AWS Serverless Application Repository

Verified Author Badge

Verified authors in the AWS Serverless Application Repository are those for which AWS has made a good faith review, as a reasonable and prudent service provider, of the information provided by the requester, and has confirmed that the requester's identity is as claimed.

The applications of verified authors display a verified author badge, along with a link to the author's public profile. The verified author badge is displayed in both search results and on the application detail page.

Requesting a Verified Author Badge

You can request to be approved as a verified author in the AWS Serverless Application Repository by sending an email to You need to provide the following information:

  • Author name

  • AWS account ID

  • Publicly accessible profile link, such as your GitHub or LinkedIn profile

After submitting a request for a verified author badge, you can expect a response from AWS within a few days. You might be asked for additional information before your request is approved.

After your request is approved, you can expect that the verified author badge will be displayed for your applications within a day.


The verified author badge is displayed for all applications that match both the AWS account and author name. Because AWS accounts can have multiple authors, badges aren't be displayed on applications that have a different author name. To have author badges displayed on applications with different author names, you must submit another request for that author.