Actions, resources, and condition keys for AWS Mobile Hub - Service Authorization Reference

Actions, resources, and condition keys for AWS Mobile Hub

AWS Mobile Hub (service prefix: mobilehub) provides the following service-specific resources, actions, and condition context keys for use in IAM permission policies.


Actions defined by AWS Mobile Hub

You can specify the following actions in the Action element of an IAM policy statement. Use policies to grant permissions to perform an operation in AWS. When you use an action in a policy, you usually allow or deny access to the API operation or CLI command with the same name. However, in some cases, a single action controls access to more than one operation. Alternatively, some operations require several different actions.

The Resource types column indicates whether each action supports resource-level permissions. If there is no value for this column, you must specify all resources ("*") in the Resource element of your policy statement. If the column includes a resource type, then you can specify an ARN of that type in a statement with that action. Required resources are indicated in the table with an asterisk (*). If you specify a resource-level permission ARN in a statement using this action, then it must be of this type. Some actions support multiple resource types. If the resource type is optional (not indicated as required), then you can choose to use one but not the other.

For details about the columns in the following table, see Actions table.

Actions Description Access level Resource types (*required) Condition keys Dependent actions
CreateProject Create a project Write
CreateServiceRole Enable AWS Mobile Hub in the account by creating the required service role Write
DeleteProject Delete the specified project Write


DeleteProjectSnapshot Delete a saved snapshot of project configuration Write
DeployToStage Deploy changes to the specified stage Write
DescribeBundle Describe the download bundle Read
ExportBundle Export the download bundle Read
ExportProject Export the project configuration Read


GenerateProjectParameters Generate project parameters required for code generation Read


GetProject Get project configuration and resources Read


GetProjectSnapshot Fetch the previously exported project configuration snapshot Read
ImportProject Create a new project from the previously exported project configuration Write
InstallBundle Install a bundle in the project deployments S3 bucket Write
ListAvailableConnectors List the available SaaS (Software as a Service) connectors List
ListAvailableFeatures List available features List
ListAvailableRegions List available regions for projects List
ListBundles List the available download bundles List
ListProjectSnapshots List saved snapshots of project configuration List
ListProjects List projects List
SynchronizeProject Synchronize state of resources into project Write


UpdateProject Update project Write


ValidateProject Validate a mobile hub project. Read
VerifyServiceRole Verify AWS Mobile Hub is enabled in the account Read

Resource types defined by AWS Mobile Hub

The following resource types are defined by this service and can be used in the Resource element of IAM permission policy statements. Each action in the Actions table identifies the resource types that can be specified with that action. A resource type can also define which condition keys you can include in a policy. These keys are displayed in the last column of the table. For details about the columns in the following table, see Resource types table.

Resource types ARN Condition keys
project arn:${Partition}:mobilehub:${Region}:${Account}:project/${ProjectId}

Condition keys for AWS Mobile Hub

Mobile Hub has no service-specific context keys that can be used in the Condition element of policy statements. For the list of the global context keys that are available to all services, see Available keys for conditions.