Adding products to portfolios - AWS Service Catalog

Adding products to portfolios

You can add products to any number of portfolios. When a product is updated, all of the portfolios (including shared portfolios) that contain the product automatically receive the new version.

To add a product from your catalog to a portfolio
  1. Navigate to the Products list page.

  2. Select a product, and then choose Actions. From the dropdown menu, choose Add product to portfolio. You're directed to the Add name-of-product to portfolio page.

  3. Choose a portfolio, and then choose Add product to portfolio.

When adding a Terraform product to a portfolio, the product requires a launch constraint. You must select an IAM role from your account, enter an IAM role ARN, or enter a role name. If you specify a role name and if an account uses the launch constraint, the account uses that name for the IAM role. This allows launch-role constraints to be account-agnostic, ensuring you can create fewer resources per shared account. For details and instructions, review Step 6: Add a Launch constraint to your Terraform product

A portfolio can contain numerous products that are mix of AWS CloudFormation and Terraform product types.