Step 2: Create a Terraform product - AWS Service Catalog

Step 2: Create a Terraform product

After installing the Terraform provisioning engine, you are ready to create a HashiCorp Terraform product in AWS Service Catalog. In this tutorial, you create a Terraform product containing a simple Amazon S3 bucket.

To create a Terraform product
  1. Open the AWS Service Catalog console at and sign in as an admin user.

  2. Navigate to the Administration section, and then choose Product list.

  3. Choose Create product.

  4. On the Create product page in the Product details section, choose the External or Terraform Cloud product type. Service Catalog uses the External product type to support Terraform Community Edition products.

  5. Enter the following product details:

    • Product nameSimple S3 bucket

    • Product description – Terraform product containing an Amazon S3 bucket.

    • OwnerIT

    • Distributor(blank)

  6. On the Version details pane, choose upload a template file and then choose Choose file. Select the file you downloaded in Step 1: Terraform configuration file download.

  7. Enter the following:

    • Version namev1.0

    • Version descriptionBase Version

  8. In the Support details section, enter the following and then choose Create product.

    • Email

    • Support link

    • Support descriptionContact the IT department for issues deploying or connecting to this product.

  9. Choose Create product.

After successfully creating the product, AWS Service Catalog displays a confirmation banner on the product page.