Step 4: Create an AWS Service Catalog Product - AWS Service Catalog

Step 4: Create an AWS Service Catalog Product

After you have created a portfolio, you're ready to add a product. For this tutorial, you will create a product called Linux Desktop, a cloud development environment that runs on Amazon Linux.

To create a product

  1. If you've just completed the previous step, the Portfolios page is already displayed. Otherwise, open

  2. Choose and open the Engineering Tool portfolio you just created. Next choose Upload new product.

  3. On the Create product page in the Product details section, enter the following:

    • Product nameLinux Desktop

    • Product descriptionCloud development environment configured for engineering staff. Runs AWS Linux.

    • OwnerIT

    • Distributor(blank)

  4. On the Version details page, choose Use a CloudFormation template. Then choose Specify an Amazon S3 template URL and enter the following:

    • Select template

    • Version titlev1.0

    • DescriptionBase Version

  5. On the Support details section, enter the following and then choose Create product.

    • Email

    • Support link

    • Support descriptionContact the IT department for issues deploying or connecting to this product.