AWS Service Catalog
Administrator Guide

Step 8: Test the End User Experience

To verify that the end user can successfully access the end user console view and launch your product, sign in to AWS as the end user and perform those tasks.

To verify that the end user can access the end user console

  1. To sign in as the IAM user, use account-specific URL. To find this URL, open the IAM console, choose Dashboard in the navigation pane, and choose Copy Link. Paste the link in your browser, and use the name and password of the IAM user.

  2. In the menu bar, choose the region in which you created the Engineering Tools portfolio.

  3. Open the AWS Service Catalog console at and select Service Catalog, Dashboard to see the following:

    • Products – The products that the user can use.

    • Provisioned products – The provisioned products that the user has launched.

To verify that the end user can launch the Linux Desktop product

  1. In the Products section of the console, choose Linux Desktop.

  2. Choose Launch product to start the wizard for configuring your product.

  3. On the Product version page, for Name, type Linux-Desktop.

  4. In the Version table, choose v1.0.

  5. Choose Next.

  6. On the Parameters page, type the following and choose Next:

    • Server size – Choose t2.micro.

    • Key pair – Select the key pair that you created in Step 2: Create a Key Pair.

    • CIDR range – Type a valid CIDR range for the IP address from which you will connect to the instance. This can be the default value ( to allow access from any IP address, your IP address followed by /32 to restrict access to your IP address only, or something in between.

  7. On the Review page, review the information that you typed, and then choose Launch to launch the stack. The console displays the stack details page for the Linux-Desktop stack. The initial status of the product is Launching. It takes several minutes for AWS Service Catalog to launch the product. To see the current status, refresh your browser. After the product is launched, the status is Available.