Getting Started Library - AWS Service Catalog

Getting Started Library

AWS Service Catalog provides a Getting Started Library of well-architected product templates so you can get started quickly. You can copy any of the products in our Getting Started Library portfolios to your own account, then customize them to suit your needs.


Before you use the templates in our Getting Started Library, make sure you have the following:

Reference Architectures

Our Reference Architectures portfolio is a general repository available to all AWS Service Catalog administrators. It contains well-architected, best practice templates for common AWS services, including:

  • Compute - with Amazon EC2

  • Storage - with Amazon S3

  • Networking - with Amazon VPC

  • Database - with Amazon RDS

You can view the Reference Architectures portfolio in the administrator console. To do so, choose Getting started library. You can browse the list of available product templates, copy them to your own portfolio, and customize them.

You can view the repository of AWS Service Catalog Reference Architectures on GitHub: Sample AWS CloudFormation templates and architecture for AWS Service Catalog.

High Reliability Architectures

Our High Reliability Architectures portfolio is a repository of well-architected, multi-Region blueprints. Each blueprint provides prescriptive implementation guidance for AWS services commonly used to build multi-Region workloads. Examples include patterns for managing infrastructure changes and data storage backup and recovery for user identity, key-value, and object data across multiple Regions.

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