AWS Service Catalog
Administrator Guide

Creating StackSet Constraints

To apply a stack set constraint to an AWS Service Catalog product

  1. Go to AWS Service Catalog as a catalog admin

  2. Choose the portfolio that contains the product.

  3. Expand Constraints and choose Add constraints.

  4. Choose the product from Product and set Constraint type to Stack Set. Choose Continue.

  5. On the Stack Set constraint page, enter a description.

  6. Choose the account(s) in which you want to create products.

  7. Choose the region(s) in which you want to deploy products. Products are deployed in these regions in the order that you specify.

  8. Choose the AWSCloudFormationStackSetAdministrationRole role that will be used to manage your target accounts.

  9. Choose the AWSCloudFormationStackSetExecutionRole role that the Administrator Role will assume.

  10. Choose Submit.

Note that the Connector for ServiceNow-AWS Configuration template creates the permissions as well as outputs needed for StackSet constraints. Example StackSet outputs:

SCStackSetAdministratorRoleARN arn:aws:iam::123456789123:role/AWSCloudFormationStackSetAdministrationRole SCIAMStackSetExecutionRoleName AWSCloudFormationStackSetExecutionRole SCIAMAdminRoleARN arn:aws:iam::123456789123:role/AWSCloudFormationStackSetAdministrationRole


Replace the 123456789123 with your account information.