AWS Service Catalog TagOption Library - Service Catalog

AWS Service Catalog TagOption Library

To allow administrators to easily manage tags on provisioned products, Service Catalog provides a TagOption library. A TagOption is a key-value pair managed in Service Catalog. It is not an AWS tag, but serves as a template for creating an AWS tag based on the TagOption.

The TagOption library makes it easier to enforce the following:

  • A consistent taxonomy

  • Proper tagging of Service Catalog resources

  • Defined, user-selectable options for allowed tags

Administrators can associate TagOptions with portfolios and products. During a product launch (provisioning), Service Catalog aggregates the associated portfolio and product TagOptions, and applies them to the provisioned product, as shown in the following diagram.

            TagOptions Flow Diagram

With the TagOption library, you can deactivate TagOptions and retain their associations to portfolios or products, and reactivate them when you need them. This approach not only helps maintain library integrity, it also allows you to manage TagOptions that might be used intermittently, or only under special circumstances.

You manage TagOptions with the Service Catalog console or the TagOption library API. For more information, see Service Catalog API Reference.