AWS Service Catalog
Administrator Guide

Validate Configurations

You are now ready to validate the AWS Service Catalog Connector for ServiceNow installation procedures.

To validate the configuration of the Connector

  1. Log into your ServiceNow instance as the end user (for example, Abel Tuter).

  2. Type Service Catalog in the navigation filter and choose Service Catalog.

  3. The user interface view displays the AWS Service Catalog category.

To order a product

  1. Select the AWS Service Catalog S3 Storage product to provision.

  2. Fill in the product request details including product name, parameters, and tags.

  3. Choose Order Now to submit the ServiceNow request and provision the AWS Service Catalog product.

  4. After approximately one minute, you receive an order status indicating that your request was submitted.

To view provisioned products

  1. Go to My Assets in the ServiceNow standard user interface.

  2. In My Asset Requests, view the requests that have been made.

  3. To view the product, personalize the list view to show the associated configuration item by choosing the Settings icon in the header row of the table of asset requests.

  4. Select Configuration item (configuration_item) and add it to the view 
with the > button. Move it to below Stage in the list.

  5. The configuration item (the product that was ordered) shows in the list of assets.

  6. To view the product, choose the configuration item name.

  7. View the Outputs for the provisioned product in the Outputs tab of the form.

  8. View the provisioning history of the product in the Product Events tab of the form.