Viewing attribute group metadata - AWS Service Catalog AppRegistry

Viewing attribute group metadata

An attribute group is an open JSON object where you define the metadata for a resource. Metadata is data that describes other data. For more information, see Attribute groups on Overview of AWS Service Catalog AppRegistry.

To view attribute group metadata
  1. Open the AWS Service Catalog console at

  2. From the navigation pane, choose AppRegistry, and then choose Attribute groups. You're directed to the Attribute groups screen where you can view all of your attribute groups.

  3. On Attribute groups, choose the name of the attribute groups that you want to view. Or select the attribute group that you want to edit, and then choose View. You're directed to the Attribute group details screen.

  4. On Attribute group details, choose Metadata.

Example: Attribute group metadata

{ "Team" : "WebTeam", "Department": "10006", "ParentDept": "Research", "ContactAlias": "" }