AWS Service Catalog
User Guide

Using the Provisioned Product List

The Provisioned product list page displays all of the provisioned products that you have created by launching products. By default, the Provisioned product list shows each provisioned product's name, the time it was created, its current status, and a status message, if applicable. You can also use the column chooser to show provisioned product ARNs (Amazon Resource Names) and the time they were last updated. Use the Provisioned product list to search for provisioned products by name, update a provisioned product to a new version, or delete a provisioned product.

To view the Provisioned product list page

  1. Sign in to the AWS Management Console and open the AWS Service Catalog console at

  2. Choose See all provisioned products.

While using AWS Service Catalog, you can return to the Provisioned product list at any time by choosing Service Catalog in the navigation bar, and then choosing Provisioned product list.

To change the columns that are visible

  1. Choose the Edit columns button (the gear icon at the top right of the Provisioned product list page).

  2. Choose any of the available columns to show or hide them.

  3. Choose Save.