AWS Service Catalog
User Guide

Viewing Available Products

The Product details page displays information about a product, including a description of the product, details about product versions, and support information.

To view detailed information about a product

  1. Navigate to the Products list.

  2. Choose the product name.

Choosing the Product Version

If multiple versions of a product are available, you can decide which version to use by reading the version descriptions. Typically, you should use the latest version of a product.

Launch options

The Launch options for the product includes identifiers for the product, the portfolio used to deliver it, and constraints or tags that are applied during launch.

  • Launch as – The ARN of the role assumed by AWS Service Catalog to launch the product. If this field is blank, the product is launched with your user permissions.

  • Rules – The names of template constraints applied to the product during launch.

  • Tags – The names and values of tags that are inherited from the portfolio or product.


Tags are metadata assigned to a provisioned product for tracking and analysis. In addition to the tags that you enter when you launch a product, a provisioned product may have tags that were applied to the product or to the portfolio by the AWS Service Catalog administrator.

Support Details

Support details can include an email address, URL, or both. Support details are provided by the administrator when creating the product. Use this information to get help with your products.