Viewing Provisioned Product Information - AWS Service Catalog

Viewing Provisioned Product Information

Each provisioned product has a Provisioned product details page that displays information about the provisioned product. The Provisioned product details page is available from the time the product is first launched until the provisioned product is deleted.

To view details about a provisioned product

  1. Navigate to the Provisioned product list.

  2. Choose the provisioned product.


    If the provisioned product that you launch is a stack set, you will own the stack set but may or may not own the individual stacks, unless you have access to the accounts the stacks were deployed to. For more information, see Working with AWS CloudFormation StackSets.

Viewing Provisioned Product Status

Each provisioned product that you launch changes state as AWS Service Catalog attempts to create and configure AWS resources using the product template and parameters that the user enters during launch. If all goes well, the provisioned product advances from an initial status of Launching to Available.

A provisioned product's status is shown in the Provisioned product list, and on the Provisioned product details page. A status of Available indicates that the product launched successfully and is ready for use.

If any of the cloud resources in a provisioned product failed to start or if parameters failed to pass all constraints applied to the product, all of the resources are terminated and the provisioned product has a status of Failed. A failed provisioned product cannot be recovered, but remains in the Provisioned product list for troubleshooting.

When you update a provisioned product to use a new version or different parameters, the provisioned product's status is Updating. If the update succeeds, the provisioned product's status changes to Available.

The status of a deleted provisioned product is Terminating while resources are being terminated. When all of the resources have terminated, the provisioned product is removed from AWS Service Catalog and no longer is listed.

The operations that you can perform on a provisioned product depend on the provisioned product's status. For example, provisioned products that are Available can be updated or deleted, but provisioned products that are Launching, Updating, or Terminating cannot. Failed provisioned products can only be viewed and deleted.

Viewing Outputs

Provisioned products provide information, called outputs, when a product is launching. Outputs usually display URLs, IP addresses, and database connection strings that are generated when the provisioned product is launched. Each output has a key, value, and description.

How you use the information provided by outputs depends on the type of product you launch. For example, if the product launches an EC2 instance, the provisioned product might generate the IP address of the instance, which you could use to connect to the instance using Remote Desktop Connection or SSH.

Viewing AWS CloudFormation Events

AWS CloudFormation provides information during each step of the launch and updating processes, and you can obtain the information using an AWS CloudFormation ARN. This ARN is provided in the Provisioned product details page (expand all the subsections to find the current list of events), provided the provisioned product uses an AWS CloudFormation stack. When an AWS CloudFormation stack's status changes, resources are created, or errors occur, AWS CloudFormation logs an event with the following information:

  • Date – The time that the event occurred, in local time.

  • Status – The condition of a resource in a provisioned product, as opposed to the Viewing Provisioned Product Status.

  • Type – The type of the resource that is referenced by the event. For details on resource types, see Resource Types in the AWS CloudFormation User Guide.

  • Logical ID – The name of the resource, as defined in the template.

  • Status reason – Additional information about the provisioned product's status, if available.

  • Physical ID – The physical identifier of the resource, which appears when you choose an event.

Entering Parameters

You enter parameters when launching or updating a provisioned product. If you enter an incorrect parameter value when you launch or update a provisioned product, CREATE_FAILED will appear in the Viewing AWS CloudFormation Events section.

Viewing Tags

Tags are metadata that are applied to the provisioned product during launch. The Provisioned product details page also shows tags that were inherited from the product and portfolio.

Viewing Support Details

If your AWS Service Catalog administrator provided support information in this optional section, you will find an email address or site link that you can use to get support if you encounter problems with your provisioned product. It might also contain additional support information.