RawMessage - Amazon Simple Email Service


Represents the raw content of an email message.



The raw email message. The message has to meet the following criteria:

  • The message has to contain a header and a body, separated by one blank line.

  • All of the required header fields must be present in the message.

  • Each part of a multipart MIME message must be formatted properly.

  • Attachments must be in a file format that the Amazon SES supports.

  • The raw data of the message needs to base64-encoded if you are accessing Amazon SES directly through the HTTPS interface. If you are accessing Amazon SES using an AWS SDK, the SDK takes care of the base 64-encoding for you.

  • If any of the MIME parts in your message contain content that is outside of the 7-bit ASCII character range, you should encode that content to ensure that recipients' email clients render the message properly.

  • The length of any single line of text in the message can't exceed 1,000 characters. This restriction is defined in RFC 5321.

Type: Base64-encoded binary data object

Required: Yes

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