Amazon Simple Email Service
Developer Guide

Part 2: Create a Queue in Amazon Simple Queue Service

In this procedure, you create a new queue in Amazon SQS and subscribe to the topic you created in the previous procedure. This queue gathers all of the bounce and complaint notifications you receive; an AWS Lambda then collects the notifications in this queue for further processing.

To create a new Amazon SQS queue

  1. Open the Amazon SQS console at

  2. If you have not created an Amazon SQS queue in the past, choose Get Started Now.

    Otherwise, if your AWS account already contains one or more Amazon SQS queues, choose Create New Queue.

  3. Under What do you want to name your queue?, for Queue Name, type a name for the queue.

  4. Under What type of queue do you need?, choose Standard Queue.

  5. Choose Configure Queue.

  6. For Default Visibility Timeout, choose 5 minutes.

  7. Leave the remaining attributes at their default settings. Choose Create Queue.

  8. In the list of queues, select the queue you just created. On the Queue Actions menu, choose Subscribe Queue to SNS Topic.

  9. On the Subscribe to a Topic window, make the following selections:

    Choose Subscribe.

  10. Proceed to Part 3: Create an Amazon Simple Storage Service Bucket.