Deleting an email identity in Amazon SES - Amazon Simple Email Service Classic

This is the user guide for Amazon SES Classic. Updates and new features are only being documented in the new Amazon SES Developer Guide which we recommend to use.

Deleting an email identity in Amazon SES

If you no longer need to use a verified email address, you can delete it by using the Amazon SES console or the DeleteIdentity API operation.


This action can't be undone. However, you can repeat the verification process for an identity that was previously deleted.

Deleting an email identity in Amazon SES

To remove verified email addresses

  1. Sign in to the AWS Management Console and open the Amazon SES console at

  2. In the console, use the region selector to choose the AWS Region where you want to delete an email identity, as shown in the following image.


    These procedures only delete the email address in the selected AWS Region. To delete an email address that was verified in more than one region, repeat the procedure in this section for each region.

  3. Select each email address that you want to remove, and then choose Remove.

Deleting an email identity using the Amazon SES API

Use the DeleteIdentity API operation to delete email address and domain identities.

To delete an identity using the AWS CLI, type the following command at the command line: aws ses delete-identity --identity ""

Replace in the preceding command with the identity that you want to delete.