Setting Up Identity Owner Notifications for Amazon SES Sending Authorization - Amazon Simple Email Service

This guide reflects the Classic Console (V1) for Amazon SES. For information about the New Console (V2) for Amazon SES, see the new Amazon Simple Email Service Developer Guide.

Setting Up Identity Owner Notifications for Amazon SES Sending Authorization

If you authorize a delegate sender to send email on your behalf, Amazon SES counts all bounces or complaints that those emails generate toward the delegate sender's bounce and complaint limits, rather than your own. However, if your IP addresses end up on 3rd-party anti-spam DNS-based Blackhole Lists (DNSBLs) as a result of messages sent by a delegate sender, the reputation of your identities may be damaged. For this reason, if you're an identity owner, you should set up email feedback forwarding for your identities. For more information, see Amazon SES notifications sent by email.

Delegate senders can set up their own bounce and complaint notifications for the identities that you have authorized them to use. They can also set up event publishing to send notifications when bounce or complaint events occur. If the identity owner disables feedback forwarding, the delegate sender must set up event publishing to publish bounce and complaint events to an Amazon SNS topic or a Kinesis Data Firehose stream. If neither the identity owner nor the delegate sender sets up a method of sending notifications for bounce and complaint events, or if the sender doesn't apply the configuration set that uses the event publishing rule, then Amazon SES automatically sends event notifications by email to the address in the Return-Path field of the email (or the address in the Source field, if you didn't specify a Return-Path address), even if you disabled email feedback forwarding. This process is illustrated in the following image.