Verifying your domain for Amazon SES email receiving - Amazon Simple Email Service

Verifying your domain for Amazon SES email receiving

As with any domain you want to use for sending or receiving email with Amazon SES, you must first prove that you own it. The verification procedure includes initiating domain verification with SES and then publishing the DNS records, either CNAME or TXT, to your DNS provider depending on which verification method you use.

Through the console, you can verify your domains with either Easy DKIM or Bring Your Own DKIM (BYODKIM) and easily copy their DNS records to publish to your DNS provider - how to do this is explained in Creating a domain identity. Optionally, you can use either the SES VerifyDomainDkim or VerifyDomainIdentity APIs.

You can easily confirm that your domain or email address is verified by looking at its status in the Verified identities table in the SES console or by using either the SES GetIdentityVerificationAttributes or GetEmailIdentity APIs.