Using configuration sets in Amazon SES - Amazon Simple Email Service

Using configuration sets in Amazon SES

Configuration sets are groups of rules that you can apply to your verified identities. A verified identity is a domain, subdomain, or email address you use to send email through Amazon SES. When you apply a configuration set to an email, all of the rules in that configuration set are applied to the email.

You can use configuration sets to apply the following types of rules to your email sending and can contain one, both, or neither of these types:

  • Event destinations – Allow you to publish email sending metrics, including the numbers of sends, deliveries, opens, clicks, bounces, and complaints to other AWS products for each email you send. For example, you can send your email metrics to an Amazon Data Firehose destination, and then analyze it using Amazon Managed Service for Apache Flink. Alternatively, you can send bounce and complaint information to Amazon SNS and receive notifications immediately when those events occur.

  • IP pool management – If you lease dedicated IP addresses to use with Amazon SES, you can create groups of these addresses called dedicated IP pools to be used for sending specific types of email. For example, you can associate these dedicated IP pools with configuration sets and use one for sending marketing communications, and another for sending transactional emails. Your sender reputation for transactional emails is then isolated from that of your marketing emails.

To associate a configuration set with a verified identity can be done in the following ways: