Code Signing for AWS IoT
Developer Guide

Overview of Managing Access to Your ACM Resources

An AWS account owner or an authorized administrator can attach permissions policies to IAM identities (users, groups, and roles) that were created in the account. When managing permissions, an account owner or administrator decides who gets the permissions and what specific actions are allowed.

A permissions policy describes who has access to what. Administrators can use IAM to create policies that apply permissions to IAM users, groups, and roles. The following types of identity-based policies can grant permission for code signing actions:

  • Customer-managed policies – Policies that an administrator creates and manages in an AWS account and which can be attached to multiple users, groups, and roles.

  • Inline policies – Policies that an administrator creates and manages and which can be embedded directly into a single user, group, or role.

For complete IAM documentation, see the IAM User Guide. For information about IAM policy syntax and descriptions, see AWS IAM Policy Reference.